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October 8, 2021 Houston, TX: Following over a year and a half long hiatus, the 2021 IRONMAN Texas triathlon is set to make its return on Saturday, Oct. 9, in The Woodlands. Athletes will begin their seventeen hour, 140.6-mile journey with a 2.4-mile, point-to-point swim, a personal record pace 112-mile ride on closed toll roads and experience one of the most spirited 26.2 mile runs in North America.

Cypress Creek EMS (CCEMS) has provided medical support to this event since it came to The Woodlands. CCEMS and their medical partners will do so this year, staffing a 60-bed hospital tent and for race participants. CCEMS, Fire and other EMS partners will provide ambulance coverage for the entire course medical aid stations along the run course and use bike medics and medical carts to access difficult to reach areas.

“We are working with our local hospitals to balance patient transports with the on-going Covid pandemic and minimize the impact on our healthcare facilities in cooperation with public health authorities in Harris and Montgomery County,” says Wren Nealy Jr., chief executive officer for CCEMS. “Cypress Creek EMS is proud to continue supporting our local communities and the Ironman competitors and wish them good luck and a safe race this weekend. Hopefully they will not need our services this weekend, but if they do, know we will be there.”

About Cypress Creek EMS

Cypress Creek EMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with 46 years of excellence in emergency services formerly provided within 177 square miles of northern Harris County and to approximately 560,000 residents. CCEMS now operates in eight counties across Texas with Creek GroundCare services and around the world with Creek AirCare. CCEMS is known nationally as an innovator in prehospital medicine. For example, CCEMS was the first civilian EMS in the country to transfuse whole blood into a trauma patient in the field. CCEMS is also part of a Military EMS Fellowship that is bringing battlefield medicine to civilian EMS to reduce deaths due to trauma.


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