Cypress Creek EMS (CCEMS) began in 1975 through ideas, commitment, dedication, and hard work by a small group of visionary volunteers who were displeased with the lack of dependable emergency medical services in the FM 1960 area of north Harris County, Texas. Their vision became action when an area resident died of a heart attack when EMS care wasn’t available on a timely basis. Since that time, CCEMS has continued to grow, innovate, and re-invent itself with the introduction of ever more effective methods of care as calls for service continually increase.

Exceptional EMS care

North Harris County residents are very familiar with the gleaming red and white vehicles that bear the proud crest of Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services and the Paramedics and EMTs in their distinctive red uniform shirts. Each of our units is a Mobile Intensive Care Unit, licensed by the State of Texas, fully equipped to provide the highest standard of prehospital emergency care. The highly trained, skilled Paramedics and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) on each unit have completed rigorous, initial, and continuing education to effectively respond to any emergency medical situation they encounter while on duty. Today, CCEMS typically arrives on the scene in about 8 minutes providing an exceptional level of emergency care to more than 550,000 neighbors in a 177 square mile area.

In the beginning – 1975

FM (Farm to Market) 1960 was a two-lane road, and the nearest shopping center was miles away. “Dining Out” meant a road trip into Houston. Fortunately, a new local hospital (Houston Northwest Medical Center) was built and staffed, providing the growing population a wide range of medical services close to home. At the time, the Wall Street Journal called the “1960 Area” the fastest growing residential community in America.

Thousands of people continued to move into the quiet, wooded area during Houston’s energy and aerospace population boom, but the availability of prompt, high quality emergency medical care was overlooked. Response times  to medical emergencies routinely exceeded an hour.

A single event provided the impetus for action by concerned volunteer citizens to provide local dependable Emergency Medical Service. A man had a heart attack. Anxious family members called for help!

They waited in vain for an ambulance as the heart attack victim died in the arms of his wife. A dedicated husband, father and community leader lost his life because there was no emergency team to come to his aid. His needless death provided major concern and stimulus for providing local EMS; first on the street where he lived, then in his subdivision; then throughout north Harris County.

The need for prompt quality care resulted in the service available to us today! and CCEMS has become a national leader in cardiac care. To read more about Cypress Creek’s history click here.

Our Mission

Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services is committed to the highest standard of emergency medical care throughout its operating area. This superior standard of care will be achieved through the dedication of an exceptionally trained and committed volunteer and career staff applying “state of the art” emergency medical knowledge, skills, protocols, and equipment.

Community service and support from our neighbors is the foundation for our continued achievements. Emergency care information, education, training, and cooperation with other service groups enhances our capabilities. Dedicated community volunteers are a catalyst for achieving our service objectives.

Emergency medical services will be performed as soon as humanly possible. Such services will strive to exceed local, state, and federal standards and achievements of other emergency medical services in the United States. Our motto is: When Seconds Count… Count On Us!