When Seconds Count… The Clock Starts Here!

CCEMS Comm Center

The Cypress Creek Communications Center (Comm Center) is a 9-1-1 and dispatch facility for 17 emergency agencies including 12 fire departments, the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Harris County Hazardous Materials Team. It is also the Regional Communications Center for the South East Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC), and Emergency Medical Task Force Region 6 (EMTF6). The Comm Center serves as a Secondary Public Safety Answering Point (SPSAP) in the Greater Harris County 9-1-1 network. All dispatchers are certified by the International Academy of Emergency Dispatchers in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) and Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD).

The Comm Center can accommodate up to 14 dispatch positions and utilizes cutting edge technologies with which to serve the citizens of Harris County. The center also houses offices and workrooms for the information technology staff.

IT and Comm Center together work closely with each of its dispatch agencies, as well as neighboring agencies in Harris and surrounding counties to continually improve upon current processes and work towards meeting the ever expanding needs of one of the fastest growing communities in Harris County.  In 2014, Comm Center processed more than 58,000 emergency incidents. By 2015, that had grown to nearly 67,000 and in 2016, the number surpassed 73,000. In 2017, Comm Center handled more than 90,000 calls.

In addition to daily 911 operations, the Comm Center is equipped and prepared to handle any of the possible disasters that can occur in SE Texas.  Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Mitigation plans have been developed and tested to ensure there is no disruption in service for the area.  CCEMS actively promotes healthy partnerships with surrounding emergency management agencies and works throughout the year at enhancing those relationships; so that when the time comes to respond to these disasters, everyone is familiar with each other as well as the necessary operating procedures, allowing for a prompt return to normal operations.