Creek AirCare

Cypress Creek EMS and American Jet International have partnered to provide exceptional air medical services. Creek AirCare provides domestic critical care transfers and an international medical response solution, making care available at a moment’s notice with the highest level of critical and specialty transport services available.

CREEK AirCare Air Medical Transport Services

Cypress Creek EMS is known as an innovator in the EMS industry, raising the standard in emergency medical services and providing an unmatched level of prehospital care that rivals some of the finest hospitals in the country. Since 1975, we have provided an expanded scope of care using innovative, evidence-based medicine and state of the art equipment.

Fixed Base of Operations in
15 States, 6 Countries, and 4 Continents.

Fixed Base of Operations1920

Our Equipment

Our aircraft are medically configured and equipped for every critical care scenario, patient safety, comfort, and licensed as mobile intensive care units. Additional aircraft at each base can be medically configured with the Spectrum medical bed in two hours, providing a simultaneous, missions-capable operation for international and domestic lifesaving transfers.


CREEK AirCare Jet
  • For medium and long range trips
  • Extra space for patient comfort
  • A diverse fleet: Lear 60XR, Citation, Hawker 800
  • Easy access for patient ingress and egress
  • Room for family members
  • Restroom on board
  • Cruising speed of 500 MPH
  • Range: 2,200-2,300 NM


CREEK AirCare Turbo-Prop
  • King Air 350i
  • For short and mid range trips
  • Easy access for patient ingress and egress
  • Room for family members
  • Cruising speed in excess of 250 MPH
  • Range: 1,994 NM


CREEK AirCare Equipment
  • Philips Tempus ALS: Cardiac monitoring/defibrillation
  • Invasive pressure monitoring, waveform capnography, and pulse oximetry
  • Ventilator: Full function mechanical ventilators
  • IV Pump: Sapphire IV Pumps (minimum of 6 channels per aircraft)
  • Lucas automatic CPR device
  • Patient Transport Systems: Spectrum

Cypress Creek EMS critical care EMS teams are prepared with state-of-the-art equipment and training to provide exceptional clinical care to our patients. Our critical care paramedics and nurses complete extensive classroom and simulation training as well as clinical rotations in the neuro ICU and cardiovascular ICU settings. All critical care paramedics and nurses are required to be board certified as flight paramedics or flight nurses. Our teams are augmented with 24/7 EMS physician support.

Our equipment and capabilities include:

  • Tempus ALS cardiac monitors with waveform capnography and invasive hemodynamic monitoring. These monitors are able to livestream waveforms, ECGs, and vital sign data to physicians and care teams on the ground throughout transport.
  • Full function mechanical ventilators
  • IV infusion pumps
  • An extensive scope of practice and medication formularly to provide effective sedation and blood pressure control, regardless of patient diagnosis.
  • Point-of-care ultrasound
  • Whole blood and QinFlow blood warmers
  • Point-of-care labs
  • Paramedic body-worn cameras that are able to livestream video and audio to physicians on the ground to provide medical control consults.