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For more than thirty years, Cypress Creek EMS has provided world-class education for EMS professionals. Our course offerings range from initial EMT and paramedic certification training to continuing education and special operations training. Our faculty and instructors bring practical experience and a personal touch to every class, emphasizing clinical excellence, evidence-based care, and innovative educational approaches.

Our continuing education courses provide EMTs, paramedics, and other healthcare professionals with the ongoing training and practice they need to provide exceptional medical care in emergencies.


Our NAEMT, American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Handtevy courses meet those organizations’ internationally recognized standards and are routinely reviewed and updated to ensure they meet the latest scientific guidelines.

These one and two-day courses train emergency healthcare providers to effectively respond to cardiovascular, medical, and trauma emergencies in adults and pediatrics. Additionally, we are one of the few training programs in the greater Houston area to offer the American Heart Association ACLS for Experienced Providers (ACLS-EP) class. This course provides experienced resuscitation team leaders such as paramedics and physicians with the training they need to effectively make sound critical decisions and direct the efforts of a team of healthcare providers.

We also offer a variety of additional courses with Texas DSHS approved EMS CE hours. These include internal training, grand rounds and case reviews, guest physician lecture series, and EMS refresher courses. As a Texas DSHS licensed Advanced Education Program, we provide skills verification and host NREMT Psychomotor examinations open to the public.


Since 2007, we’ve graduated 1,110 EMT students and 205 paramedic students. Over the past 5 years, our paramedic graduates have had a 99% pass rate on the National Registry exam (compared to 86% national average).

EMS Education Programs

Our EMT-Basic and Paramedic courses prepare students for successful careers in EMS. Successful graduates are eligible to take the NREMT credentialing exams and obtain Texas EMS certification or licensure.

Our education model emphasizes gaining a deep understanding of human pathophysiology, thinking critically, and providing care at the highest level. Our curriculum starts with the national education guidelines and then adds on the latest evidence-based medicine and prepares students to function as excellent clinicians in top-tier EMS organizations across the country. Significant physician involvement, a high instructor-to-student ratio, personalized education, and a heavy emphasis on simulation allow students to develop and hone their skills at a high level.

EMT Basic and Paramedic Courses

EMS Continuing Education

National Registry and State Skills Testing

Paramedic Course

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (2 days in class)

Advanced Cardiac Life Support – Hybrid (1 day online, 1 day in class)

Advanced Cardiac Life Support -Experienced Provider

Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) (2 days in class)

Basic Life Support (Healthcare providers)