Bike Medic Response Team

spec-ops-bike-logoThis unit was formed in 1996 by staff and volunteer members of Cypress Creek EMS. It was the first such unit to be formed in the Houston/Harris County, Texas area. At the beginning there was no budget, so the founding members sought out donations. The first bikes were donated by area businesses and soon the team was providing rapid responses to medical emergencies during special events.

The concept of providing rapid response to medical emergencies have proven effective beyond the original team members expectations. Today, the Bike Team provides its services to about 50 special events each year. These include the Annual FM 1960 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, the Texas Crawfish Festival, IRONMAN competitions and Mardi Gras in Galveston.

The Bike Team also participates in bicycle rodeos for the local schools. These entail conducting bicycle inspections, proper helmet fit, riding techniques and traffic safety. Bicycle Helmet give-a-way programs are also a large part of this educational activity.

Currently, the team has over 20 Cannondale Bicycles in inventory. The more active members are issued a bike & top bag. All members are issued a uniform shirt, uniform shorts, and helmet cover.

In order to be on the team, prospective members are required to attend and successfully pass the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) 32-hour EMS Cyclist Course. This course focuses on bike safety, nutrition, legal aspects, effective cycling, technical cycling skills, scene safety, etc. This course is offered in-house at no charge to CCEMS members. These courses are also open to other EMS agencies. Should you have any questions concerning EMS Bike Teams or are interested in attending or sponsoring an IPMBA EMS Cyclist Course, contact Bobby Sellers.