First Responder Program

Cypress Creek EMS is committed to providing exceptional prehospital emergency medical care to the more than 550,000 people who live and work within Emergency Services District #11, a 177 square mile area of unincorporated Harris County. CCEMS is dedicated to minimizing the amount of time someone waits for an emergency medical assistance. This is accomplished in such a large response area by partnering with other emergency responder agencies to put trained and equipped responders on scene quickly when seconds count.

Common Medical Direction and performance oversight is provided to all the emergency responder agencies working within ESD#11. This allows CCEMS the ability to maintain a high standard of care and decrease response times. Using a community-based model, CCEMS uses a combination of volunteer medics and responder agencies (Fire and Police). Members are medically trained and certified emergency medical personnel per the Texas Department of State Health Services guidelines.

CCEMS Volunteer Responders

CCEMS Volunteer Responders is a group of volunteer and career medics who volunteer their services while they are off duty to make emergency responses. These members live and work in the area and are often close to an emergency incident. Following the community-based model, they are assigned response districts based on where they live within the territory. Calls for emergencies within that district are dispatched and if they are available, they respond.

CCEMS works with the individual responder agency providing oversight, dispatching, training and logistical support. Each agency works under a specific set of protocols authorized by Dr. Levon Vartanian, Medical Director for CCEMS.

Fire Departments

The Fire Departments that service the CCEMS/ESD#11 territory are listed below.  It is the individual department’s decision to participate in the First Responder Program. Some of the departments have chosen to respond to all medical emergencies within their district. All departments respond on cardiac arrest, motor vehicle collisions and any time the medic unit requests assistance. The departments who make all medical responses in their district are the Ponderosa FD, Champions Area FD, and Spring Fire Department. These departments operate under a set of Basic Protocols and respond with an aid bag, oxygen and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). Some departments allow members to respond directly to the scene in their privately owned vehicle, while others require their members to respond in a fire truck.

Fire Department Responders

Law Enforcement Responders

This community based model puts life saving equipment in the hands of trained personnel who live and work in the community. When Seconds Count, the community can count on the CCEMS First Responder Program.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constables

ESD #11 is divided into several Municipal Utility Districts (MUDS). In many instances, these MUDS have contracted with local law enforcement to have a deputy assigned to their subdivision. CCEMS recognized this early on as a medical response asset. CCEMS partnered with these agencies in a similar manner as with the fire departments. Deputies received training and were issued aid bags, oxygen, and AED’s. They were then entered in the computer aided dispatch program and are dispatched on medical emergencies. The Harris County Precinct 4 Constables office has a large First Responder program of deputies ranging from EMT’s to Paramedics. The Pct 4 program operates under a set of Basic Protocols authorized by Dr Levon Vartanian, CCEMS Medical Director.

Equipment Used:

CCEMS provides all the medical response equipment needed and/or assist other responder agencies with acquiring the specific equipment required to make responses. Responder can replace used equipment and supplies on scene or at medical supply at a later time. Each responder is provided an Aid Bag, Oxygen, an AED, Traffic Safety Vest, Department ID, Gloves and Protective Glasses, and Handheld Radio. Responders are notified through an automatic message sent to their cell phone and/or pager.