Special Events Team – Medical Support Services

Cypress Creek EMS (CCEMS), a leader in special events medicine, is selected for over 50 events per year by community organizations across the southeast Texas region for medical support services, with new requests every year. Our Special Events Team provides both Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) services customized to the type and demographic of each event. The mission: high-quality prehospital medicine regardless of the event size, type or location.

CCEMS provides medical support to smaller community events, such as neighborhood parades, charity golf tournaments, charity runs, triathlons, festivals, and school safety events; medium to large scale events, such as football games, swim meets, athletic events, conventions; and larger events requiring medical coverage that include the North American Ironman Championship, the Galveston 70.3 Ironman Competition, the Insperity Senior PGA Championship, and the Houston Open PGA event. We continue receiving new requests to consider every year.

CCEMS Bike Medic Team

One of the more unique services available is the CCEMS Bike Medic Team, consisting of approximately 30 specially trained medics who deliver prehospital medicine and emergency response from medically equipped bicycles. For larger events, special all-terrain vehicles (UTV) provide intermediate patient transport options between the point of injury and a waiting ambulance. The success of this team providing advanced level care in large, congested events has gained national attention and has proven to be highly effective at enhancing event emergency preparedness.

Special Event Services

EMS Ambulance service for football games

The CCEMS Special Events team is flexible, scalable, and well-equipped to provide the best coverage for your event and takes pride in delivering high-quality prehospital medicine to unconventional places. Our service delivery includes:

  • Medical standby services to staff first aid tents or first aid rooms with Basic Life Support(BLS) or Advanced Life Support(ALS) care. CCEMS provides the appropriate number of medics and equipment to safely serve your event.
  • Medical standby services with fully-staffed and equipped Medical Intensive Care Unit(MICU) ambulances, dedicated to the event.
    Bike Medic Teams to provide advanced level care throughout larger or more congested events where traditional ambulances experience difficulty in accessing patients.
  • Medically equipped all-terrain vehicle (UTV) able to provide ALS care while transporting patients from remote or congested locations to waiting ambulances.
Medical standby during crisis situations

The CCEMS Teams work hard to provide event organizers and attendees with peace of mind and the knowledge that in the event of an emergency, we are there with the ability to immediately treat life-threatening conditions and provide emergency medical care and transport.

Medical standby during crisis situations

Call 281-378-0800 or email info@ccems.com for more information on our services or to request medical services at your next event.