Spec Ops

The CCEMS Special Operations Group’s mission is to bring good medicine to bad places.

Spec Ops medics receive special training so they can provide an expanded scope of prehospital emergency medicine where it is needed most: at the point of wounding in the field.

Tactical Medic Team

Evaluate Vulnerability with Mitigation Through Training

The CCEMS Spec Ops Group provides operational medical support to public safety agencies throughout the community. Each specialized team utilizes both civilian and military medicine models to aid law enforcement, fire departments, search and rescue, and hazmat teams responsible for providing high-risk services to the community, saving lives and mitigating injury.

CCEMS Spec Ops Group’s site security, survey, and assessment services perform a comprehensive risk assessment of your facilities for any potential weak points or threats to the safety of your infrastructure and your employees. The assessments take into account your geography and customer base, and the training we provide can help your staff mitigate the potential threats.

On-Site Assessments After Injury

Due to the inherently hazardous nature of austere environments, more agencies are adding specially trained medical contingents to their tactical and special rescue teams. Leaders recognize the value of immediate access to highly-skilled, on-scene medical assessments, care and treatment that saves time, resources and lives.

CCEMS Bike Medic Team

One of the more unique services available is the CCEMS Bike Medic Team, consisting of approximately 30 specially trained medics who deliver prehospital medicine and emergency response from medically equipped bicycles. For larger events, special all-terrain vehicles (UTV) provide intermediate patient transport options between the point of injury and a waiting ambulance. The success of this team providing advanced level care in large, congested events has gained national attention and has proven to be highly effective at enhancing event emergency preparedness.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard and Pipe and Drum Corps are the ceremonial arm of Cypress Creek EMS. The main mission is to represent CCEMS throughout the community in various ceremonies, parades and to honor fallen first responders during funeral details.

Some of the events supported by the Honor Guard and Pipe and Drum Corps include the Spring Texas Music Fest, various Chamber of Commerce events, and Fire Department graduations. In addition, the Honor Guard and Pipe and Dream Corps lead the FM 1960 St. Patrick’s Parade every year.