Honor Guard

The Honor Guard and Pipe and Drum Corps are the ceremonial arm of Cypress Creek EMS.  The main mission is to represent CCEMS throughout the community in various ceremonies, parades and to honor fallen first responders during funeral details.

Some of the events supported by the Honor Guard and Pipe and Drum Corps include the Spring Texas Music Fest, various Chamber of Commerce events, and Fire Department graduations. In addition, the Honor Guard and Pipe and Dream Corps lead the FM 1960 St. Patrick’s Parade every year.

History of EMS Honor Guards

The EMS profession is still relatively young. As such, rich traditions and histories are actively being established and written. With those scarcities, EMS Honor Guards are very few and far between in the nation. While most law enforcement and fire departments are steeped in decades of tradition, EMS Honor Guards are still forging their history. Much like their sister services, EMS personnel serve their communities with pride and distinction; many dedicate their lives to this career and some ultimately give the greatest sacrifice while in the line of duty. The greatest function of the Honor Guard is ensuring their brothers and sisters are honored with dignity and respect after their service to their community has been fulfilled. The CCEMS Honor Guard was formed in 2011 and led the 33rd Annual FM 1960 St. Patrick’s Parade. It’s first funeral detail was for long-serving volunteer and CCEMS Board Member Bill Carey who passed away on July 1, 2012.

While the Honor Guard’s highest purpose is to honor the fallen, it also serves as a representation of the organization with unmatched professionalism and appearance. The founding of the CCEMS Honor Guard allows the organization to simultaneously serve the community and represent CCEMS during functions by presenting the National and State colors at Chamber of Commerce events, benefits and ceremonies. The Honor Guard represents the professionals of CCEMS that serve the community and take care of the sick and injured every day.

Pipe and Drum Corps

In continuing to grow our traditions, the Pipe and Drums Corps was founded at CCEMS in 2017. The Corps started with a lone piper and has grown to now include two drummers. The Corps adds an element that is able to strike at the very core of your soul with its haunting yet calming tones at the darkest of times and elicits jubilant feelings at celebrations. The Pipe and Drums Corps uniforms are traditional and are derived from the long history of the Scottish Highlands and Isles. The Pipe and Drum Corps uniforms were donated by Koronis Revenue Solutions.


The members of Honor Guard and Pipes and Drums Corps maintain their level of training with monthly drills and practice. Close order drill, flag folding and etiquette, funeral detail duties, and physical fitness are focused on to keep the Honor Guard and Pipes and Drums Corps tack sharp and ready to honor and represent their brothers and sisters and their communities at a moment’s notice.

All Honor Guard members attend an Honor Guard academy prior to being recognized as full members of The Guard. Currently that takes place at the Taylor Fire Department Honor Guard Academy. There, members train in drill, colors presentation, and funeral detail. In addition, Piper Joseph Wells is a graduate of the Georgetown Fire Department Pipe and Drum Academy.

In 2017, the Honor Guard attended the Honor Guard Academy for the first time. Of all the agencies attending, CCEMS was the only EMS agency, all others were fire based agencies. At the end of the academy, a competition was held and the CCEMS Honor Guard won the competition and earned the Sharp Axe award. Knowing that EMS only agency honor guards are new and rare, the Honor Guard took great pride in winning this award over agencies that have decades of tradition.

Event Requests

If you’d like to request the Pipe and Drum Corps, or the Honor Guard at your next event please send an email to honorguard@ccems.com.  Please include the name of the person requesting, date(s) of the event, type of event, times needed, contact information, and the address of the event.