Medical Care Providers

CCEMS utilizes Texas certified EMS personnel to staff its Mobile Intensive Care Units as they provide 911 emergency service to those in need. Anyone who possesses a current Texas Department of Health EMS Certification (any level) may apply for volunteer membership. Once you become a member, we ask that you contribute by riding at least two 11-12 hour shifts per month.

How to Become a CCEMS Medical Volunteer  

Step 1:  Complete an application online. Click here.

Step 2: Pass physical agility test

Step 3: Attend an orientation class.

All volunteer applicants MUST attend an orientation class.  Orientation is a four hour class held at  the Charles R. Hooks Education Center at 7111 Five Forks, Spring, Texas 77379.

Step 4: Pass Background Check

Step 5: Paramedics Only must pass a FSDAP test

Step 6: Complete Introductory Shifts

Successfully complete at least (6) eleven hour introductory shifts with a medical Mentor at CCEMS.  Introductory candidates will have 30-90 days to complete their shifts.  After successful completion of appropriate paperwork and shifts, the introductory candidate will have an opportunity to become a  Member Volunteer.

Step 7 : Maintain Membership

As a Medical Member, active membership is equal to a minimum of 22 hrs/month.

CPR Instructors

Our CPR program has grown from training dozens to hundreds of people each year. CPR saves lives, and with your help we can get this valuable training to more people. Anyone with, or qualified to earn, a current AHA CPR Instructor certification can be part of our growing community education program. Course availability is frequent and there are even opportunities to lead your own regularly scheduled class.

Volunteer Benefits

Cypress Creek EMS is dedicated to providing a rewarding atmosphere for the volunteers who make a difference in our organization. To help achieve this, the organization provides several benefits. All volunteers have access to state of the art equipment, aggressive treatment therapies, open protocols, and the opportunity to practice your skills in a supportive environment help provide a positive experience within the organization.


Upon successful completion of the introductory program, CCEMS provides each new member with two red uniform shirts (with the CCEMS shoulder emblem) and a pair of black “medic” style uniform pants.


Cypress Creek EMS provides all active members with worker’s compensation style insurance coverage in case of duty related illness or injury.


Educational Scholarships are available for in-house EMT Basic and Paramedic classes. In addition, free continuing education is provided at the Charles R. Hooks Education Center.